A 501c3 Charitable Foundation

Aaron Zenus Foundation

Supporting individuals and families with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they seek to achieve independence, community integration, social growth, and an enhanced quality of life.

Aaron meets Special Olympics athlete John Ward, at a charity event.

The Aaron Zenus Foundation is a 501(c) non profit charitable foundation that is fully funded by our community of donors

Your support will help change the lives of our community members providing valuable resources and experience to further their professional and social development.

“Determination has no disability”

Robert M. Hansel

Our strategy for supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities will include increasing opportunities for creating a healthier lifestyle, enhancement of social networking and social programs, and to inspire participation in sports, recreation, and the arts.

About Aaron Zenus

Aaron Zenus was a loving, caring, and compassionate young man, who touched the lives of everyone he met. Aaron loved his family and friends unconditionally, and was a true friend to all. Aaron could often be described as cheerful, curious, funny, outgoing, witty, and at times mischievous, but at all times friendly, unselfish, and sincere. Aaron possessed the courage of a lion, yet, was as meek as a lamb.

Unfortunately, in early 2019, and after a brief illness, Aaron was taken from us far too soon, and before he even had a chance to live out his dreams. He was only 12 years of age.

What separated Aaron from your typical 12-year-old, was the tremendous respect and consideration he showed to all individuals, especially to anyone he felt was less fortunate than he. Aaron always rooted for the underdog, and seemed to befriend and care for anyone who was lonely, or, just needed a friend.

The Foundation

The qualities about Aaron led him to his desire to volunteer and coach with his dad in the Special Olympics programs offered in our community. Aaron truly embraced the overarching qualities that Special Olympics encourages, supporting the activities of special athletes; promoting diversity, tolerance, and acceptance for people with disabilities; and encouraging inclusion for all.

Aaron’s kindness and compassion for everyone, especially special athletes, and at such an early age, is a testament to his character and his values. He will truly be missed by all.

Aaron left lots of things undone and had dreams and wishes that he never had a chance to start. Through the Aaron Zenus Foundation, we intend to keep his memory alive, and see to it that his dreams and wishes are fulfilled, as he continues to live on within our hearts and minds.

In 2022, the Aaron Zenus Foundation opened “Sweet Inspirations” in Milford, Massachusetts, a non-profit, retail candy and specialty gift shop that provides vocational and employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Foundation Events

The Aaron Zenus Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the opportunities for those with developmental disabilities, and encouraging participation in sports, recreation, and the arts.

Each year we host a variety of fundraising events including dinners, dance, golf, and social activities.  Join us for a fun and rewarding experience!