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  • Audience  Research
  • Human Behavior
  • Brand Positioning
  • Match Back Analysis


Brand Identity & Creative

  • Brand Identity & Design
  • Campaign Development
  • Video, Audio, Digital
  • Content Production



  • Mobile Device & IP Targeting
  • IP + Targeting
  • Outdoor & Direct Mail
  • Broadcast Planning & Buying
  • Digital Solutions


Advanced Analytics

  • Geolocative Science
  • Custom Data Modeling
  • Predictive Analytics & Modeling
  • Campaign Monitoring & Management

What we do

With over 40 years of combined media experience, we understand the evolving media landscape and possess the abilities to be nimble and quick, yet able to make balanced and relevant decisions to build and inspire brand awareness and growth for our clients.  Creative Fuel was founded on the basis of understanding who your potential customer is, where they live, where they travel, and why they buy.  With simple yet meaningful messaging displayed to reach these exact customers, we enable our clients to win market share, trim unnecessary wasted media investment, and deliver unprecedented return on investment.

Our definition of success

Simply put, we find success when our clients win.  We are a results-based full service agency that digs deeper than most to uncover the necessary forces driving client Return on Investment.  Whether changing a behavior or changing a bottom line, we don’t win until our clients win.  A Creative Fuel client is not just a client, but a member of a determined organization with an ongoing desire to make a difference!

We help familiarize clients with three key ingredients for advertising success:

Customer Discovery

Know the Who, Where, When, and Why 

Every business faces the challenge of understanding exactly who their customer is, where they live, when they are deciding to buy, and why they buy.

Simple yet Significant Messaging

The Reasons Customers Buy

Uncovering the reasons a potential customer might purchase your product or the behavioral reasons a person makes a decision are all key elements to creating a successful message and call-to-action. 

Producing unprecedented results

Execute media plans

We have a rich and successful history of being able to execute media plans by overcoming the challenges associated with bloated media purchases and unnecessary expenditures on media platforms not specifically targeted to your audience. 

Targeting Amplified

Our technology

Using our patented Digital Trinity process, we match mobile advertising IDs (MAIDS) to a physical address through the device’s IP address. This provides extreme precision and allows us to bypass cookie-based fraud and serve ads directly to the devices in that household within 24 hours.

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